UK Charity Registration No. 1098705
Support-a-Child-in-Need was registered as a charity by the Charities Commission for England and Wales in July 2003. Our Projects, current and planned, are as follows:
Training for girls from poor areas

A training workshop has been set up to provide sewing skills for girls between 16 and 19. Over 9 months the girls learn basic sewing skills and progress on to advanced sewing and embroidery. Over twenty girls per year benefit from this course and on completion each girl has the skills to start a home business, effectively doubling a families income. Alternatively each girl is employable in the tailoring industry. Some girls get married and in raising a family have the skills to clothe the family. This class is particularly important as girls have significantly less opportunities than boys in India.

Pre-School class for street children

This class is for children who roam the streets surrounding the fish market and spend their days scavenging or begging. The aim of the class is to provide food and basic classroom activities to get the children used to an organised and stable environment. The children are then ready to progress to the state educational provision and by supporting their needs with food we reduce the pressure on the children to spend their days in the streets. Approximately one hundred children a year benefit from this class.

Sponsorship for individual children In the Pre-School class some children show the potential to benefit from enhanced education. Each year a number of children are sponsored to attend a school where lessons are taught in English. Sponsorship includes the cost of school fees, transport, uniforms and food. For more details see Donations.


Stage 1

To set up further classes, similar to those described, in areas where work is available. These will last from 9 –12 months and only be renewed if the need continues. Support-a-Child-in-Need is developing links with employers to identify local shortages so as to make progression into work easier. Future training might include hotel skills, for example, to be offered in tourist areas.
Funds required to set up and run 5 projects are approximately £36,000.

Stage 2

To establish a full time semi-residential training school in addition to the provision described above. This will be a long-term project and offer training leading to vocational qualifications or apprenticeships. For example, training in carpentry, metalwork, mechanics or welding, will be provided in suitably equipped workshops and the needs of girls will also be addressed. The school will provide for slum children, street children, school dropouts etc, from the age of 12 upward and will have residential facilities for those who come with nothing but their need for help, who are homeless, or who wish to progress from existing orphanages. In the long term it is hoped that children with special needs will be assisted. Support-a-Child-in-Need has established a local team including a Civil Engineer, Accountant, Advocate and Doctor. This team will provide professional expertise and ensure compliance with local building regulations, planning permissions etc.
It is envisaged that such a project will take three years to complete and the funds required to set this up are approximately £220,000.

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